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Prices for 2 layers 0.062" FR4 1 oz copper, Green Soldermask, White Legend. 4 days turnaround.

Will the file I send to JETEK be kept in confidence?

Yes, JETEK will only use your file to produce your job, and won't share the details of your design with any other company. We do the CAM in house and manage the production ourselves so the factory that makes the boards only has access to the manufacturing data.
What file formats you accept?

Gerber of RS-274/RS-274-X/Protel/PADs/Altium/DXP/ExpressPCB/EAGLE/etc..
Why film cost?

We give free film cost to 200*200mm board size, if the board is bigger than 200*200mm size, there might have additional cost for film.
Do you allow multiple design per setup?

Yes we accept Multiple design on panel but there will have extra charge. Check here for Panelizing & Merging Policy.
What is your standard panel size?

We do not have standard panel size to customer, it means more economic and fair cost to customer.

What is standard Specification PCB ?

Any build specification that is 0.062" FR4 1 oz copper, HASL finishing(Pd/Sn), White Silkscreen, Green Soldermask.
How can i get the advantage of multi designs jobs from JETEK?

You can do Multi-design on panel as Here, we only have few extra charge for each of additional design. For example you have 4 designs to make, you need to pay 4 times of setup cost. If you panelise 4 designs on one panel then you only need to pay one of setup cost+ few extra charge for other 3 designs. 
Will JETEK check if there any mistake in my design?  
Yes. JETEK will run a DRC as part of doing the CAM. But we won’t change your design. Instead, we will send you an email or call you to check if the design is right. The best practice is to run a DRC and use a netlist file when generating your pcb so you can be sure all the tracks go to the right place. 
We do not pledge to check all mistakes out on the design.
I am used to designing in metric units while the website is specified in imperial units. Is there a conversion chart I can refer to ? 

Could you kindly download a small unit conversion tool in Other info.
How do I specify internal cutouts/milling in my design? 

All internal cutouts/slots/milling should be specified on the same layer is the board outline. The minimum routable slot size is 32 mils/0.80MM. During order time, please state this requirement in the "Special Request" section so that our CAM engineers is aware of it. This is not something we encounter often - so there are chances we may overlook it. Make sure it's known to us.
How thick of the copper plated in holes?

Normally we do 20um thick copper plated in holes, and 35um thick copper plated on surface. We have two professional measuring machines to measure copper thickness, one is after the plating, another one is in FQA room. We also make Micro Cross-Section to measure copper thickness for each batch plated.