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Prices for 2 layers 0.062" FR4 1 oz copper, Green Soldermask, White Legend. 4 days turnaround.

How to order?

We want to make easy way to do business. 
1. Send RFQ to US.
2. Get quotation and confirm it.
3. We send invoice to make Payment.
4. Get payment then we process job.
5. Ship products and update shipment tracking number to you.
6. Your get parcel door to door.
What is your MOQ(Minimum Ordering Quantity)? 

We have NO MOQ requirement.
Can you add vendor logo and UL mark and Date production on board?

Yes we can, but normally if customer does not ask this, we will NOT add anything on the board.
Is there any extra charge for deliver small boards as individual?

If any side of board the size is less than 1” and quantity is more than 100 pieces, we suggested to make panel with V-cut or Tab-rout. Or there might extra charge for routing to individual, this charge depend on what size and how many quantity.
Can you provide COC and testing report & Micro Cross-Section?

Yes we can, if customer asked of this, we will provide them with PCBs together.
But normally if customer does not ask this, we will NOT provide. Because we do a really fast job, the paper work will cost much time.
Do you give free setup for repeat order?

We do not give free setup to repeat order, we only give free setup to standard 2 layer job order which is more than 3 sqm volume. For example, if you have a new job to do and it is more than 3 sqm volume, then you will get free setup, even it is a new job.
What is the daily cutoff time?

To make it for the day's order, the order must be placed by 11:00 am local time . All orders placed after that time would be considered next day's order.  See Manufacturing Lead time Policy please.
We confirmed to process the order already, but we found some issues on our design, can we change our design?

Normally we will finish setup in 2-4 hours then Make film & Cut material, so it is ok to give new design in 2-4 hours. Or could you please email us to check the job status, there might have additional costs for the change.
What is the difference between Prototype and Production order?

Our prototype service works on pooling a few designs and fabricating it under 1 setup. This makes it cheaper per part number for small quantity runs. But the fabrication setup is fixed to a standard specification and not reusable.
Production service runs on setup unique to your part number and reusable over many runs. With production run, you can configure your PCB to be built with custom materials. Production Run setups will be kept for minimum of 12 months.
With my company, obtaining a Purchase Order and payment  can take some time. Can you fabricate the boards in advance prior to receiving the payment ? 

Yes, we can do that. Just let us know about this situation under the "special request" section of order form. We often get started on production upon placement of order.As long as the we know the order is firm and payment is on its way, we can get started on the job immediately.
More often than not, by the time the purchase requisition is processed, the boards will be ready to ship. Unlike other PCB companies, we place trust in our customers and will start work even before money is paid.
My company can only place an order with Purchase Order system and will be paying through bank transfer. Can you accept this type of order ?

Yes we can, but could you please pay for the additional for bank charges/commission when you do bank transfer because we make very few frofit so we can not bear additional for bank charges/commission. The banking charges varies from country to country.
On PCB Production service, when I choosing different soldermask color or FR4 thickness adds to the cost. Why is this so? 

JETEK specification boards, require special processing consideration and we need to stop and reconfigure machines along the way to accept non-standard materials or soldermask color. So additional labor and inefficiency is involved. JETEK specs PCB is costlier not because the material cost more, but because more labor is involved than standard specs PCB.
When your cost is so low, how do I know if the quality of your PCB meets our requirement or that your service is good? 

Good question! We look for further business to customer but not one-off order, we are volume production the prototype runs so can get cost down. And we are not greedy, we only get very few profit from each order. So our price is low.
Facts speak louder than words, after our prototype, you will know our excellent quality and service.