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Prices for 2 layers 0.062" FR4 1 oz copper, Green Soldermask, White Legend. 4 days turnaround.

All jobs will do open/short testing?

Yes, we must to do open/short testing before we ship PCBs out. If customer asked DO NOT testing, we do not bear responsibility for any Open/Short problem.
Do you give free testing?

We give free testing to the order which is less than 0.20sqm. If order is more than 0.20sqm, there will have testing cost on quotation.
What types of testing you will use?

We will use Flying probe testing & Fixture testing.
What is the difference between Flying probe testing & Fixture testing?

Flying probe testing is for prototype runs & small batch only, it is slow and the price depend on how many testing points(solder mask pad) on PCBs. (Prototype runs & small batch has no so many testing points so Flying probe testing is more economic.
Fixture testing is for large volume, it is fast and price is expensive, but you never need to pay for testing again for the repeat job.